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1. Select two of the musical selections in the module and describe how and why they were significant to the Civil Rights Movements.  Use an essay of 4 to 6 paragraphs to make your case. Each photo and essay is worth 25 points. 

2. Select two of the iconic photographs and describe each photo with 5 bullet points for each photo, for example:  the circumstances, relevance to the movement, how does it make you feel, or other important facts that would be interesting to someone reading your responses.   

3. Select two current songs/artist one male one female.  You must clearly provide the names and release date of the music.The music may be from any genre, race creed or religion.  Write an essay profile of 3 paragraphs or more on both of the artists and explain why this music would fit into the Civil Rights Movement.  Beneath the profile, provide two lines of lyrics as evidence of why this music has a message consistent with the message of the civil rights era.  Profane or explicit lyrics will not be excepted.  

Point summary   1.  Two selections of music from the module 

                             2. Two photographs  50 points

                            3.  Artists Profile and Music ( two)   


1) Musical Selection 




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