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Write a 250-300 word essay responding to the questions below using Source 14.1 The Journey to Slavery: Olaudah Equiano. No cover page is needed. Use your textbook and the sources provided (no outside sources unless they are approved in advance by the instructor). Use 12-point Times New Roman Font, 1″ margins all around, and double-space your work.

  • Who wrote the document? What do we know about him and his place (social, economic, political, etc) in his society? What form does the document take (i.e. what kind of document is it)? What is its intended audience?
  • When and where did he write it? What is the context of the document?
  • Why did he write it? What purpose does it serve?
  • What does can the document tell us about the experiences of the Atlantic Slave Trade? What questions would you have to assess the usefulness of the document as a historical source? What are its limits? What sources might you use to corroborate or compare its claims?

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