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. Style : Harvard

. Number of sources: 5 sources required(references)

. Please write 2,000 words


. NOTICE: Turnitin Originality Check


Please select an organisation of your choice in order to answer all parts of the assignment below:

(The company I chose is Tesco.)

Part a (800 words)

Critically evaluate the capital structure of your chosen organisation and discuss whether this capital structure is aligned to the organisation’s strategic goals.  For example, does your organisation have a greater degree of debt or equity (or its equivalent in the case of not for profit or public sector organisations) and how does this impact upon the gearing of the organisation?  You should also consider how the organisation views risk and return (or its equivalent in the case of not for profit or public sector organisations).

Part b (800 words)

Critically assess the organisation’s financial performance and its overall approach to managing stakeholders expectations.  This should include some interpretation of the financial statements and any other information you consider relevant.

Part c (400 words)

Discuss how the issues you have explained in part a) and part b) above might be addressed in terms of improvements or recommendations.  How might your recommendations result in more effective financial decision making for your chosen organisation?

The overall word count for this assignment is 2,000 words.


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