Dashboard Benchmark Evaluation

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Paper Title Dashboard Benchmark Evaluation
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Instructions o Evaluate dashboard metrics against the benchmarks set by local, state, or federal health care laws or policies.  Which metrics are below the mandated benchmarks in the organization? Evaluate weaknesses within the entire set of benchmarks.  What are the local, state, or federal health care laws or policies that set these benchmarks? o Analyze challenges that meeting prescribed benchmarks can pose for the organization or for an interprofessional team.  What are the specific challenges or opportunities that the organization or interprofessional team might have in meeting the benchmarks? For example, consider:  The strategic direction of the organization.  The organization’s mission.  Available resources:  Staffing.  Operational and capital funding.  Physical space.  Support services (any ancillary department that supports a specific care unit in the organization, such as a pharmacy, cleaning services, and dietary services).  Cultural diversity in the organization.  Cultural diversity in the community.  Organizational processes and procedures.  How might these challenges be contributing to benchmark underperformance? o Evaluate a benchmark underperformance in the organization or interprofessional team that has the potential for greatly improving overall quality or performance.  Which metric is underperforming its benchmark by the greatest degree?  Which benchmark underperformance is the most widespread throughout the organization or interprofessional team?  Which benchmark affects the greatest number of patients?  Which benchmark affects the greatest number of staff?  How does this underperformance affect the community the organization serves?  Where is the greatest opportunity for improvement in the overall quality or performance of the organization or interpersonal team—and ultimately in patient outcomes? o Advocate for ethical action in addressing the benchmark underperformance that has the potential for greatly improving overall quality or performance.  At which group of stakeholders should your advocacy be directed? Which group could be expected to take the appropriate action to improve the benchmark metric?  What are some ethical actions that the stakeholder group could take that support improved benchmark performance?  Why should the stakeholder group take action? o Communicate your findings and recommendations in a professional and effective manner.  Ensure that your report is well organized and easy to read.  Write clearly and logically, using correct grammar, punctuation, and mechanics. o Integrate relevant sources to support your arguments, correctly formatting source citations and references using current APA style.  Did you cite relevant local, state, or federal health care laws or policies when discussing the mandated benchmarks?  Did you cite an additional 2–4 credible sources to support your analysis, evaluation, and advocacy?

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