White Privilege And Male Privilege?

Which skin-tone privilege did you find most surprising in “White Privilege and Male Privilege?” Why? What other privileges do you think you have? In considering this question, reflect on the recent news of the two African American gentlemen who were arrested for merely sitting at a Starbucks waiting for their friend to arrive as well as other instances.
***Please note that for some privileges, for instance being able-bodied or able-minded, some people may be uncomfortable sharing the details of the life they live. No one is required to share anything they are not comfortable sharing.***

Required: 200-500 word minimum, proper grammar, spelling, and answering the questions/prompt as closely as you can. Points are taken off for obvious last-minute superficial commentary, not answering the specific questions posed, not following directions, too short length, as well as spelling and grammar issues.

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White Privilege And Male Privilege?
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Do not give dictionary, wikipedia, or other online definitions. I want to see your words and ideas. Your answer must be at least 200 words in order to receive credit.