MGMT 600 Business Planning Seminar – DeVry (Entire Course Week 1 – 8)

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Week, TCOs, and Topics Readings and Class Preparation Activities and Assignments
Week 1
TCOs A, B, C
The Beginning
Chapter 1: Starting the Process

Chapter 2: Getting Your Plan Started

Chapter 22: Time-Saving Tips


  • Select teams
  • Team charter (includes Business Plan topic) due
Week 2
The Problem and Answer
Chapter 2: Getting Your Plan Started

Chapter 3: Making Your Plan Compelling

Chapter 5: Company Description


  • Research of the week: The Problem & Answer
  • Create mission, vision, and values statement
  • Individual assignment due
Week 3
Industry Analysis
Chapter 6: Industry Analysis & Trends

Chapter 8: The Competition

Chapter 9: Strategic Position & Risk Assessment


  • Research of the Week: The Marketing Plan
  • Industry Analysis due
Week 4
The Marketing Plan
Chapter 7: Target Market

Chapter 10: Marketing Plan & Sales Strategy

Chapter 14: Social Responsibility & Sustainability


  • Research of the week: the Operations Plan
  • Marketing Plan due
Week 5
TCOs E, G, J
The Operations Plan
Chapter 11: OperationsChapter 12: Technology Plan

Chapter 13: Management & Organization


  • Research of the Week: the Financial Plan
  • Operations Plan due
Week 6
TCOs H, I, J
The Financial Plan
Chapter 16: The Financials

Chapter 19: Looking for Money

  • Polish work completed to date
  • Financial Plan due
Week 7
The Pitch
Chapter 4: The Executive Summary

Chapter 15: Development, Milestones & Exit Plan

Chapter 17: The Plan’s Appendix

Chapter 18: Preparing, Presenting & Sending Out Your Plan


  • Create exit strategies for Business Plan
  • Prepare and practice Presentation
  • Create Executive Summary
Week 8
All TCOs/Topics
The Finish
None Assignment:

  • Present the Business Plan
  • Final Business Plan due
  • Submit Peer Review

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